Ce 36329-3 error (possible apu issue)

around a year earlier i bought a ps4 og.
at the time of buying , i tested a fifa 16 disc on it , it seemed to play it well without any issues.
some time ago, i bought uncharted 4(uc4) and horizon zero dawn discs.
and the moment the game starts i.e. loads all the assets after like 3-5 seconds after i move using my joystick it freezes, i get a black screen and error 36329-3 pops in.
NOTE- This happens in uc4 and horizon only and not in fifa

At first , i thought this might be lazer or a faulty hdd, so i swapped the hdd with a new wd one which i confirmed to be in good shape. even then i got same issue.
After that i thought maybe its the laser so i downloaded some games (demo/free) from ps store.
Some games like brawlhalla, life is strange episode 1, island cleaner, the adventures of captain spirit, pinball fx3 works fine.
However the detroit become human demo, is giving the same black screen and the error.

Conclusion- the issue arises with heavy/ resource intensive games(mostly 1st party titles like uc4, horizon and detroit are the ones i have confirmed yet)

At this point, i have eliminated the possibility of my hdd and disk drive to be damaged.

The only two issues possible i can think of are

  1. APU DAMAGE - maybe its an apu problem and if so, i think the console is done for.

  2. HDD Bandwith issue- highly unlikely but since the issue arises with resource heavy
    games only, so maybe if i upgrade to ssd it will do some good?

Is anyne else facing/ heard of this issue.
Looking forward to some assistance.
Thank you