CFW/FW give error "Could not start the software" after booting. Issue FW update

Hi guys, as written in the title, I got a switch which gives the error “Could not start the software” after booting (both logos) when launching both CFW and FW. It has 15 burnt fuses but if I read the eMMC using NxNandManager the FW version is 6.1.0.

I have tried to update to 12.0.2 or even 10.0.4 using EmmcHaccGen (copying every file HacDiskMount and using the SystemRestore script) but, when I read again using NxNandManager, the version is still 6.1.0. Why doesn’t NxNandManager show the new version? I have tried using Android 10 and the console works perfectly, so I am assuming there is an issue with the eMMC. Is it the right procedure to perform the update? Has anyone faced this issue before?

I have tried using ChoiDujour to downgrade to 5.1.0 but when I launch the fw from Hekate for the first time it just reboots to RCM after displaying both logos. If I try to launch the fw 5.1.0 again, it shows the message “could not start the software” after the two logos.

I have discovered that this switch is actually a demo version and it does have a addition fuse that indicates that it should launch using some data in the SD card. But since I do not have the SD card that goes with and the switch is probably bricked. I used a modified version of atmosphere and managed to launch the CFW. I have blocked the DNS and I would like to update the OFW in Sysmmc. I used daybreak to update to 12.1.0 and now I can run the OFW from Hekate (skipping the fuse count). However, I cannot access the online shop (error connecting to the servers) and NxNandManager says that the BIS keys are invalid, but they are the same I used for the version 6.1.0. BIS keys should be independent from the FW version right? I did not apply any manipulation on the Firmware I used to update. I simply downloaded it online and installed it using daybreak. Why does NxNandManager say that the keyset is invalid? Should I use ChoiDuJourNX to update?

only use daybreak. Install tinfoil and store and use it a modded switch