Changed joysticks on my DualSense gamepad and it suddenly stopped working completely

Hi, so last year I was fixing my DualSense gamepad and I tried to put Hall Effect joysticks. Something went wrong during installation and they were acting all weird, it might have been my fault or production fault so now I replaced them again with a different set, both feel great BUT the controller wont connect to PC nor PS5… It powers on, flashes, and nothing… Pairing mode does not work either and controller is just not detected by PC or PS5 at all so nor wired or wireless connection work… I am afraid that I might have knocked off some capacitor or something. It is also different controller version than my second controller so I cant even compare them boards next to each other cuz they both have different layouts, seems like the second one is old release version and this one is newer version. Sadly I dont know what to do now, I dont have a working multimeter either.

So I found a replacement board on the internet, IDK why just the main board costs the same as a whole gamepad but I doublechecked everything from top to bottom. All capacitors on both sides, all traces and everything with magnifying glass and nothing seems to be visibly broken or missing, all capacitors look nice, traces are not broken and I just cant see an issue… I tried to slowly heat up the big chips on the board aswell to try and reseat them, it looked pretty well but still does not work. Just lights up, flashes 3 times, and nothing.