Charge at 15V but not at 5V

Hi, my Switch had the following defect:

  • Broken USB Port
  • No Charging and shorted caps around m92
  • Error Code when starting with known good battery

So i replaced the USB Port and the M92. After this every thing was working. It charged with my phone charger with 5V and 2A (cant remember the exact ampere).
Than after some days I wanted to charge the switch again with my phone charger but it only showed 0A. I opened it and found out, that the cap above the usb port at the back was shorted.
I swaped it with a new from a donator Board and after this the switch Was charged at 5V at 0.46A but no quick charge (2A). I also got an error message “unable to charge” and a X next to the battery. After this I tried to charge it with my original Nintendo charger and it charges with 15V at 0,7A. I meassured the Port in Diode Mode and found out that the two center pins (D+ and D-) show OL.
So i guess there must be something wrong with the communication lines.
Beside this the switch is working fine. But it bothers me that I cant charge it with my phone charger.
Has anyone an idea?

WHAT diode measure do you have on the pad2&3 from pic

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You posted a pictures of a normal switch. I have a switch lite :confused:


here. What are you diode measure?

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Ah thank you. Also OL.

Oh, well. that 2 red test points go directly to TEGRA CPU. SO you have open line to CPU. May need a reball or bad APU.
I assume you check diode value by red prob to ground, black prob to the test point?

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Okay already was afraid this could be the case. So i guess the phone charger is not able to communicate with the apu to switch to fast charging? Do you have a idea why the original charger is able to switch to fast charge at 15V?
And yes i had the red Probe on gnd.

5v charger only uses d+, d- to communicate, where 15v original PD charger use cc lines not D+,D- to communicate

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Okay, good to know. Thank you very much!

no big deal for switch lite IMO. since everything should still work as long as you stick with PD charger

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Yes thats true. Although i am wondering how this could happen :/.

I see most case on a Normal switch is when d+/d- pins inside charging port bent towards Vbus power line and ppl don’t notice and get charger connected sending high voltage to data line, eventually data line gone.

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I’ve got a few nintendo switches unpatched, which annoying don’t have a diaode reading on the data pins. but they charge with a normal charger at 5v 0.46amp. but work fine I’m assuming on 15v because they dock.

I have no rcm, and unable to charge messages in pc.

have you ever fixed them by a CPU reflow. reball?


No, I’m sure the data lines werde destroyed by a short unfortunately.

yeah I’m thinking that too, I appreciate the reply.

once I have practice reballing blue screened switches. I might try to do these ones.
and I’ll update the thread with my findings.

thanks chris’