Charging .46 wont turn on or show anything on screen

I got what I think are 2 shorts. The circled in red capacitors seem to be shorted. I checked one side and it gives me a reading of .7 on both then the other side gives 30 on one and 100 on the other capacitor. I checked another non working board but it gave me the same reading. all others give a reading of .7 and then nothing on the other side.
is this normal for these or are they actually shorted? if anyone has a working board that they can test and let me know id appreciate that.

also it would make sense for this ic to be broken because when plugged in it will sometimes give me an error and then go to .46 and then occasionally drop to .19 or .2.

Any help is appreciated


Here are my diode mode values:

i got different values for everything what type of multimeter do you use

The measurements depends on the multimeter You use. The displayed values are measured with a UNI-T UT61E. With my low budget multimeter the readings are lower but similar.

If Your caps are shorted You should find the short on the neighbor components with the same values.

they seem ok then the readings aren’t too far off, what about p13 usb
bq24193 and m92t36? what voltages would you get on different pins of those chips.

Here are my measurements:

it seems I have an issue on 1.8v and 5v any idea what this might be?

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For anyone curious the switch was in auto rcm mode. Meaning it boots into recovery mode ( it’s a hack) I downloaded tegra rcm injected a payload and it now runs fine! I just need to get a sd card tomorrow so I can turn off auto rcm!

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what payload did you inject?

Hekate to check and see if everything was good and it worked

can you share method?