Charging after USB-C Port replacement, black screen

I replaced a damaged charging port and now it charges according to my meter but the screen is black. I even tried it with a known good battery. I also tried the 15 second reset.

Did you recheck the LCD and back light cables to make sure they were plugged in all the way?

I took the motherboard back out to look at everything and reinstalled it, carefully making sure that all the ribbon cables are firmly seated.

This Switch was being charged with a third party Nyko wall charger prior to the port being damaged.

OK, in that case if the cables are good and it’s charging at .46 with no display that’s usually caused by a shorted CPU

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Could that have been caused by a third party Wall charger by Nyko?

I have had this issue before and checked the LCD connector to find a bent pin. Must of been wherein out the cable back in. Sorted the pin out and worked all good after that.

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Thanks for the tip. The Switch became a donor an saved many lives already.