Charging but not booting

replaced both power chips and unit fast charges but no backlight or screen or sound out of speakers. Power button does not work. I’m thinking maybe I need to move it to a different known working case. Anyone run into this? No video out of dock either. Pi3 chip has no shorts.

I have a different unit that has a short on the sideways capacitor over the m92 chip. I took the chip off and no short. Replaced and short came back.

Thanks to everyone for your support!!!

I’ve also replaced the pi3 chip to no avail. Still charges but no on or screen or dock. Different case tried too. No backlight and no picture. I don’t think it’s booting.

Do you have an USB meter? If yes, how much power does it drain/consume?

It looks like it’s charging normally. 5v at 1.5amps. It goes down as the battery gets full. No display. No dock. No turning on

1.5A is normal when the Switch is on and charging, so it could be a defective LCD or the LCD connector maybe? my recommendation is to inspect the connector and if you have another LCD to test it with it would be great.

Have you checked that the cpu becomes all voltages it needs?
If you have an oscilloscope you can check if the soc communicates with the emmc

Have tested with another connector and display. No luck. No backlight even. And the battery ends up going down as the battery charges. So it’ll go to 5.10 and .8 amps. And eventually .3 amps. It never appears to turn itself on and it doesn’t respond to the power button.

Even when the unit is plugged into the 15V Nintendo ac adapter it’s only pulling 5v. Which points should I check?