Charging issue, 5,05v - 0A, no short new M92T36 and USB C

after some charging issues I find a short at Cap 1 and 2 above the M92T36 chip. After replacing the chip all the shorts are gone. Still no charge. New good Batterie, no charge. So I decided to replace the USB C as well. Again no Charge. I checked the little fuse above the USB C and all filters near the P13USB. Nothing seems to be broken.

Any ideas?

Did you check the Coil?
Got the same issue, changed all chips still not charging. Turned out the switch got dropped and the coil was loose

I measured the coil. it seems fine. But I will check again. Thanks

I measured the coil and compared it with a working switch. The coil has continuity and the internal resistance is identical.

Does the console boot? It could also be the bq chip or fuel gauge. Or even an issue with the battery connector.

Sorry, yes the Switch boots normaly with a good battery.