Charging issue that I have not seen anywhere online yet

The switch plays fine. It is my personal switch and well taken care of. This problem seemed to occur after using an IPad Pro charging block. The USB-C port does not appear damaged in anyway.
When plug in the official Nintendo charger, the charging symbol does NOT come on.
I bought a new official Nintendo charger and the charging symbol still does NOT come on
There are NO shorts around the M92T36 chip and NO shorts around the BQ chip
The big capacitor near the fuse was shorted, however. I removed that cap and the pads for that cap were shorted.
I removed the fuse. The short at that big cap was then gone.
With the fuse still removed, I probe VBUS, and there is a short between VBUS and Ground
With the charger plugged in, there is 0V on VBUS, probably because it is shorted to Ground
I have not seen these symptoms anywhere online yet, so I thought I would ask here.
I have not probed the backside of the motherboard yet because I thought I would ask here before I went to the trouble of removing the motherboard.
Thanks for any help.

So you removed the fuse and still measure a short between vbus and gnd on the usb connector side

Look into the usb port, there must be something which causes that short
If you can’t find it, replace the usb port


That appears to be it. It took getting it under a microscope to really see what happened. A VBUS pin had completely folded over and pushed all the way back where it touched the housing at the back of the port. I am not sure how that happened. I was able to bend the pin back and forth enough with some tweezers to get it to break off at the base. That way, the short is gone and I can at least keep it charged until I can get in there and replace the port.

Thanks again