Charging issues, 0 amps, no shorts

I have been trying to determine if I should replace the charge port or the charge chip. Or if I can do more tests to narrow it down.

The tester shows 0 amps.
No noticeable shorts on fuse or capacitors/coil.
Known good battery still shows 0amps during testing, but switch turns on normally and is playable.
I can’t see any bent or broken pins on the charge port, but I can see some corrosion that has been difficult to remove.

I have watched a lot of videos, and did the obvious tests, but I am curious if there are more things I can try to narrow it down to the charge chip.

If you can test the USB-C port and if everything is ok then go to the charging chip

Breakout board for testing the USB-C port on the Nintendo Switch!

I would also check with the connector orientated both ways. I have a Switch here that only charges with the connector orientated one-way.

As FXDX says, check your USB-C with a breakout board to exclude that theory. If the M92 is having issues negotiating USB-PD, then nothing will get to the charge circuitry.

With the battery unplugged, do you get any current draw when you plug in a USB Type-C cable?

Thanks for the response, after trying different cables/directions I still can’t get it to draw anything with or without battery plugged in.

What I don’t understand, is that after resetting my USB tester, the first time I plug it in and fiddle with the cable, it will read .17A and drop to .03A and sit there, if I unplug and plug it back in, it never draws .03A again until I reset my tester. I am not sure if this is actually drawing anything, or if my tester is just stupid. (The tester is accurate when testing other devices)

I am waiting to receive the breakout board so I can test the pins. I am stalling because my soldering skills are not the best and I need some time to practice…

Understand. Are those readings with a battery fitted? You get most consistent results with battery connected as the charging subsystem panics when it doesn’t see a battery!