Charging port tester

Hi guys,

I’m looking for that small device that is able to check if charging ports are working or not. I don’t know the proper name for them. Can someone please send me a link to the device in Amazon (UK) please.


I highly recommend getting a RDTech UM25C. Or UM25 if you don’t need bluetooth logging that much. Cannot post links, just search it on Amazon.

Nothing comes up for RDTech UM25C?!
What are the things actually called? Charging port tester??


Just put in UM25C. Ruideng (RDTech) was the original manufacturer, I think. Nowadays everyone is making clones or just slaps their logo on top. You can get ton of different results from keywords like “usb tester”, “usb doctor”, “usb voltmeter”, “usb power meter”, “usb ammeter” and so on. It’s called differently on every page you visit. USB tester or USB power meter is the best name for this device.