Charging symbol but discharging battery

When the switch is off it reads .41amps then once it starts the volts go to .05 amps and stick there.
It starts, works, and docks fine, but discharges the battery even though it shows it’s charging. I did change the m92t36, bq chip, and the fuel gauge. No difference before or after any of those things

I’ve got one like that. Cold boot, I get 0.42A, then it goes to 0A as normal, but it never goes above 0A. This is with a wall wart charger. The proper Nintendo OEM charger works fine.

Did you make any progress with this one?


Iirc it was one of the resistors above the bq24193. I’ll find a picture

Does usb work on the console?

Do you have that picture of which component you replaced and how could test it for failure as well, I have a Switch with similar issue, it shows the charging symbol but battery is just discharging, I can take that same battery out and charge it in another switch too 100%. The Switch outputs video in the Dock, so I know/assume the USB-C connector is fine.Thanks.

Hi, have a ns with this same issue will show charge icon but not real charge only drain battery but if i use a charged battery boots fine , can you post a picture of the resistors you change ? Thanks

I have a switch with the same fault. Does anyone know which cap needs to be changed?