Checking System Storage problem

Looking to pick up a broken PS4. The person selling showed me that it starts, checks the system storage, then restarts, checks the system storage again, then shuts down.

Want to verify my suspicions that this is a bad HDD. I’ve seen this on the channel before, but I just want to make sure before i start throwing money at it.


Could be a damage hdd as you said, but also could be many different things…

Sounds like a bad hdd

From my experience, this sounds exactly like a bad HDD. There is always a possibility that it’s something else or this plus something else!

Keep in mind, I have just begun my journey with fixing PS4s. Not an expert. But I’ve replaced 6 HDDs at this point that have had this exact symptom and that was the issue.

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Good to hear than most people agree with my suspicions. I’ll be picking the console up this afternoon as well as a new HDD so I’ll report back later.

Thanks again everyone.

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Replaced the HDD with a known good one. Console works perfectly after a good cleaning.

Thanks again, folks


That’s great to hear!

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