Cleaning slim fan cover cant remove

So gone to give my ps4 bit of a deeper clean as I’ve had it year or so now

However took top plastic cover off. Went to take metal fam cover off and where all the screws are normally like on video I have little plastic molds dont wanna snap them meaning metal cover is left flapping around

Why is mine different to all I see on you tube?

Any help would be great

Came across one of these a few days ago in my shop, there are two types of ps4 slim, the variant you have you only get to the fan trough the other side by also lifting the motherboard, while you’re at it clean the old cooling paste and replace that one aswell

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They replaced some of the screw points with plastic welds. Like mentioned above, you’ll have to pull the MB out. If you do remove the plastic welds, leave enough that sticks out beyond the frame. This way you can flatten the plastic heads and still get them to hold