Cleaning the console went wrong

A week ago I was cleaning my nintendo switch. When I lifted the gray clip that holds the fan flex cable, it flew off. When trying to put the clip back it was not attached to the port. As a temporary solution I have fixed the flex cable at the entrance with hot glue, leaving one end for the heat pipe to push the cable and hold it steady. I suppose that the heat generated by the Switch is not enough to melt the glue, since these melt at high temperatures that would destroy the console before melting the glue. It has been working fine, I opened it a few days later to check the glue and it had nothing. Still I am afraid that one day the console will fail. Is it possible to replace the input?

US $4.88 | 2–100PCS/LOT for Nintendo NS Switch 4pin Fan ZIF FPC Contact Connector on Mainboard

Need a hot air station to replace. Or you could try to take the tab off a new one and fit onto the existing one

Do it with solder iron, since the backside mobo has BGA chip.
Just melt the old one with guilty and solder new one on with fine tip or low melt solder+hot air

I have no idea how you expevt tis to work with hot glue it is not the same as solder which you need for it to make a connection and work

They are using the hot glue to hold the ribbon cable against the pins in the plug since the plastic lock is missing.