Clicking power supply

Hi … I have a ps4 psu that will click on and off … then needs to be unplugged and plugged back in to does the same thing … checked fuse and it is good … where else should I look ? Cheers

Hello @CAPS369 first of all welcome to our community. So regarding your problem which PS4 got turn on and off for a couple of sec is commonly happen. Based on my experience so far the faulty part in your PS4 is either power supply or the APU itself. If your problem is on the Power Supply you could just replace it, but if your problem is on the latter part this gonna be a bit tricky. The only way to solve the problem on the APU is either reball or replace it. On the former case, the solder ball below the APU which is connected to the board is potentially cracked so it won’t connected to the board, in this case you could reball it (you can leave it to the experience technician (if you doing it yourself proceed with caution, as wrong move could end up worsen your PS4 condition). And the latter part is your APU is beyond repairable so the only thing you could do is replace it but honestly it’s not worth it, after all they didn’t give you a new one but a donor one (sony didn’t sell their APU after all) and the price is high.

So the question is how do you know which is the problem? is it the power supply or the APU?. Well, don’t worry about that, below is a link how to differentiate it.

Hope this will help you…