Code error CE-34333-6

Hi there, I got that error code on my ps4 after installing a new hdd and I don’t know what to do so if you have an answer please tell me

It’s not finding the drive. Is it brand new? Is it good? Sometimes they come DOA. Connect it to a PC and see if it will work there.

Ok thanks but how do I do to connect it to a pc?

Don’t worry boy I made another topic about that because I found why I didn’t work

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Is actually best to post what you found at the end of your thread so we can mark it as resolved with and answer. I’ll post it below for anyone who is having this problem:

“if you have the message CE-34333-6 this is because you’re HDD has a problem. Like mine has some error, it might be cause by fall damage so if you have this problem you have to change you’re HDD.”

well the nightmare is not over because I have a new error code. This time it’s SU-42118-6 and I still don’t know what the hell this is.

Is your bluray drive working?

That ones your blu-ray drive. If the system check cannot find the blu-ray drive during a software update that is the error you will get.

Could be any number of things. Faulty chip or fuse on the motherboard. If you’ve taken it apart you may have damaged one of the flimsy flex cables, or the drive in some part has failed.

i think it’s going to be a bad connection of one of the ribbon cables…