Coil inductor conductivity

Hi I have a switch with M92T36 and PI3USB shorted

but I’ve noticed that this an inductor between M92T36 and usb port is open line and also part of an inductor next to the PI3USB (sry cannot post images)
are they the same, I think they should be in continuity


it would be much easier with a picture… if you can provide a picture i can compare with a working board. You will get access if you reply on posts and so on.

Ok I’m allowed to post images
here is what I think to be an inductor

and the other on in red the part with open line

I’ve found some of them on aliexpress but theese are for the one around the PI3USB the other one seems smaller

Its hard to help when the picture is taken from the side haha, but i think that the reading on the marked inductor below the pi3usb chip the reading is 0.746 on all 4 pins and the other 4 inductors are OL on all 4 pins.

Sry for pictures but indeed this is them.
You’ve measured between the ground and each pins of the inductors? When I say Open line it was between this 2 pins in resistor mode:
Screenshot_2020-09-03 Coil inductor conductivity

And what about the other one on the other side, same thing test conductivity between the 4 pins, I think it should be like 0ohms or near:
Screenshot_2020-09-03 MvJEDTUnxMS4Olqs huge (Image JPEG, 1600 × 1200 pixels)


I’ve removed the M92T36 and need also to remove PI3USB and no more short
but @Dallas I’ve measured like this when I get no continuity:

As this is an inductor I should have continuity, am I right?

I have open line when I measure like you said.

Could you test to measure from a ground point.

Will do it as soon I’ve replaced PI3USB and MT92 with new one. thx

Ok so this

is a filter and should have continuity as said here:
do you know where I could get that?

Still looking for what is the purpose of that component

That component is also a filter (for the usb 2.0 data lines)

Ok for the PI3USB I’ve found on a post that it could be this filter:
the link:
Watching the spec, it is an EMI filter with esd protection, seems to be a good ref.

for the other little one on USB @DSch I canot find the ref but someone will send a replacement part. Thx for the identification.

Finally this ends with a no fix, after changing the

  • PI3USB
  • M92T36
  • The EMI filter near PI3USB
  • The EMI filter near M92

It charges at 0.41 with a no screen issue :
I have tried to repair also a switch lite stuck like this with no sucess, so I’ve quit