Combine two kinda working laser units to one working?

Hi, I try to repair a disk drive on my original xbox one, I couldn’t figure out which part was broken, so I bought a complete drive from china, swapped out the daughter board and connected it. After some trouble with a broken game and the fact, that I need an internet conneciton for anything to happen when I put in a Blu-Ray or DVD for the first time, I finally could run games and Blu-Rays with the “new” drive.

However, I figured out that the drive can’t play DVDs or 360 Games anymore. I then tried to fix the error with parts from my old drive and now I can play DVDs and 360 games when I use my old laser - however, my old laser won’t work with Blu-Rays or One games…

So, I now have two laser units, one is able to play Blu-Rays and One games and the other can play DVDs and 360 games. There are a few parts on the laser unit that I could probably desolder and replace from the other laser unit, so, my last idea is to merge my two half working laser units to one fully working laser unit - is there any chance for this to work or should I just accept my failure and buy a new laser unit?