Completely Banned Switch - System Ban

When the Nintendo switch is completely banned, can parts of the motherboard be parted out? i.e. the chips, resistors, etc. Besides the CPU and the memory.

When I talk about a ban, I meant beyond the online account being banned.

Thanks for the responses ahead of time.

I never heard about different banns from Nintendo. If a Switch is banned, the Switch is not longer able to access the Nintendo servers. It is only a serverside refusal and nothing hardware related.
So a banned Switch should be working propperly and only have no access to the Nintendo online ressources

There was a time (apparently) where there was user level bans (account style bans) in which the user account was prohibited, not sure they do this anymore and it’s all “system” level bans

As for the OP question, [online nintendo server functionality] this would be tied to the SoC and EMMC, everything else (hardware wise) is usable for transferring to another board

Though, it’s worth noting, if your had a board which was unpatched but banned, they still have value given how rare unpatched boards are becoming and you really ought not use it as a donor even if it’s banned