Component beside CPU - Switch Oled

I accidentally broke off a component on a Switch OLED. Just to check, I booted the Switch up for about 30 seconds and went to the home screen. An hour or two later, it then boots to the Nintendo logo and just shuts off. I can only boot to the Nintendo logo after reseating the battery.

On my board the component is black and rectangular with a dimple, but on other boards it appears to be a capacitor (1206?). I have circled the component in question below.

As I am a complete rookie with this sort of stuff I am just wondering if anyone is familiar with the component and can help identify a specification for it. Thanks!

Update: potentially an inductor? Appears similar in colour to some inductors I have found online and I have read that it could potentially be 1206 220nH.

According to the datasheet of max8969 (ic with +ajz marking) it should be a 1µH inductor.