Component ID Help

Good Day all of yous,

I need some assistance identifying a few components on my switch lite. I bought it from eBay and had a lot of corrosion from water damage. I cleaned out almost all of it.

Circled in red are MOSFETs, but I can’t find an appropriate date sheet to best identity which is gate, drain, or source or which type of MOSFET they are. PNP or NPN? I’m suspecting them to be faulty, the 3 of them.

And in the purple is a fuse I believe that is blown. Theres no continuity. Any one of you know what would be the amp rating by the charge port? It has an “R” inscribed on it with a line beneath the “R”.


The mosfet with the marking “K03” is a 2x N channel mosfet from ROHM semiconductor: UT6K3TCR.

The mosfet with “1B” I don’t know. But other boards versions have on this same spot
two mosfets with the marking “SN1”. This is a single N-channel mosfet is from TOSHIBA: SSM6K504NU

Thanks for the info.

I’ll test out the MOSFETs using these data sheets to conclude my suspicion.

Any info on that fuse and it’s size/amp rating?


for the fuse I would use a 0201 3A 32V.