Component ID near HDMI encoder

Looking to hopefully get a component ID for what I think is a buck converter for the HDMI encoder. It’s the circled component in the picture. Thanks!

Hi, did you find the part i bought a board with the same part missing my motherboard version is EDM-020

I did, it’s a Nisshinbo R1131N091B-TR-FE. You can get them on digikey but you need to by minimum 3k pieces.

Really you can use any voltage regulator with the same package/pinout/specs. I think I used a TI part but I can’t find it at the moment.

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No problem, if you come across the one you used it will be helpful, however I’m no expert just an enthusiast diy guy so any help will be welcomed.

I think TI TPS7A2009PDBVR would be a good choice. Package is SOT-23-5, 6V max in, .9V fixed out, 300mA current and the pinout matches. In the US it’s available on mouser but not digikey.

TLV75509PDBVR I bought this one from Ali Express last night i got a number this number 1haf off another ps5 board i googled it and it came up with the tlv number on Alibaba i couldn’t find a datasheet but the rating is 0.9v 500ma you think it’ll work otherwise I’ll order it.

Ok i bought the tps chip, thank you for all your help much appreciate it

Good morning, can you tell me what are the values of the caps around the HDMI chip are they 100nf i need all of them, your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Yes, they are 100nf around MN864739 hdmi ic

Thank you for all your assistance.

Bought a ps5 for repair most of the screws was out except for the ones holding down the shield can anyone advise me on where the black screws go on the shell, i was looking online but couldn’t find anything

The second green screw belongs under the disc drive in the middle of the big shield cover where the stand mount hole is to find.

At my PS5s the white screw was a silver screw, like the ones on the shield cover.

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WHITE DOT screw I believe is for the M.2,coming with the silver screw alignment washer.
And the location on top of the disc drive should be the normal silver t9s screw

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Corrected. :slight_smile:

The brown dot is a a silver screw.

Thanks bud you’re a life saver