Components by pi13usb nintendo switch

Hi everyone, I’m new here n I’m weak about english (so I might write wrongly and electronic, I’m practicing with a Nintendo switch board, it doesnt turn on or charge, I read that the problem is IC piusb13 but i made a mistake and I removed the components near the IC and I need to buy all again, does someone know the value of these? !

Thanks for your help

I couldn’t share the pictures, sorry

Hopefully this might help.

(Thank @Calvin for the image)

MG, thanks a lot, i just have one question whats the voltaje for the cap?

Unfortunately i’m not sure

The max voltage at the pi3usb is 3.3V. I would order 10V caps to be able to use them at the other spots of the mainboard (beside the 25V caps for the 15V charging line).