Components values around MAX17050

Hi guys,

I messed when changing that tiny Max17050 and some tiny 0201 capacitors and resistors flew away.
I didn’t find any image about values around there, but found a nice picture online with pads and continuity (sorry, I don’t know exactly from where, could even be from here, but when I come across one of those I just save them in a dedicated folder). Using this with the datasheet (https:// datasheets. maximintegrated .com/en/ds/MAX17047-MAX17050.pdf page 12) I was able to “map” which is which, but it’s not exactly what it’s supposed to be when compared to values I found on another switch, so I’m in doubt.
First the big resistor that link CSP to CSN should be 10mohm but I tested continuity (0.02ohm). Second the optional on alert that is supposed to be 200kohm, the original picture says it’s 100kohm but I tested a fluctuating value around 15kohm.

Also there’s one cap I didn’t write anything on, the purple one, because if you look at it, there are actually 4 of them on the same line, this is from vbatt and is supposed to be 0.1uf (so is it 4x0.1uf or 4x25nf?).

Anyone knows the correct values?

If you measuring resistors in the circuit, chance is in some cases the values are smaller than the actual value(parallel with others). I.E the 100k resistor you measuring 15k ish.

The RSNS is 5mOhm, as you can tell the print is 5L00. Vbat caps are 4x 0.1uf

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Thank you for your answer and picture. It’s very helpful and I’m sure it’ll help some people googling that in the future too.

I don’t understand exactly why EE don’t use values that are in the typical application of the data sheet, for example the 5Mohm instead of 10 and the 100k instead of 200k. It’s not that important to fix it but for my own understanding, do you know why?

please identify componement help