Computer Automatically Restarting/Rebooting

So i have this problem that whenever i try to run a game on my computer, my computer will just automatically restart without any warning or error every single time. Specially when i’m trying to run GTAV, as soon as the game finished loading and my character is on the screen my computer will just restart on its own. I checked both CPU and GPU if they are overheating but… i can’t see any significant increase in temp or overheating issues. I also tried to do a factory reset but that didn’t do anything either. I don’t know what else i can do at this point and what to check to see if it is even fixable or not.

This forum is actually just for game consoles so I’ll need to remove this topic. So sorry about that.

oh ok btw love the channel

sorry for the inconvenience…

It’s no trouble at all…just trying to keep things in one niche here. Glad you’re enjoying the channel!