Console Powered Off from Accidently hitting Powerstrip On/Off button while on Preparing Console Screen

So to try and keep this brief. I was testing a Xbox One S I bought on FB Market for dirt cheap. Only issue I was experiencing was a System Update Error: E100. So while it was on the “Preparing Console” screen, I accidently hit my powerstrip on/off button and cut the power to the console and now when I turn it on. The console turns on however, there is no video output. Could this be a drive failure issue or have I created a bigger problem for myself?

Also if it matters this is an All Digital Xbox One S. I’ve reseated and tested different HDMI cables and two different monitors and nothing. I ordered a new drive on Amazon that I will setup and try to see if swapping drives will resolve the issue but past that. If its an HDMI problem. This thing might as well be a paperweight atp. I haven’t developed any soldering skills just yet.

Any and all knowledge, advice, or constructive criticism is accepted thanks!

format HDD on PC with the xboxonehdd-master

Turned out that the HDD was going bad. I swapped for an SSD and set it up with that script. Everything works fine now.