Console Test Checklist

Hey all,

I have been repairing PS4s for a few months now and am really enjoying it. I do my best to ensure that the consoles are in prime functioning condition when they go back or I sell them.

I noticed in Steve’s videos that he has a white sticky note checklist on some things and was curious as to what that list would look like.

My current process, after the console is cleaned and powers on is;

  1. Controllers sync
  2. Game loads into the tray and spins. No weird noises
  3. Game loads on screen (installs and boots)
  4. Gameplay is smooth. (Play for 20 minutes ish)
  5. Test wifi and lan
  6. Connect my PS Plus account
  7. Put console in rest mode and boot again.
  8. Power off and back on

Is there anything I’m missing? I’d really love feedback on this!

Controllers charge that’s another one that’s vital and cables aren’t damaged

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Seems pretty solid. I would suggest just loading into a game and letting it sit for 30 minutes or longer. You don’t have to play or anything, but just let it sit. That will let you know if there are any over-heating issues.
Other than that it is never a bad thing to have a light game and a heavier game to test the fan. I have heard crash bandicoot can get the fan running like no tomorrow lol.


God of war is another one

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These are great suggestions, thank you very much!

Never even thought to pay attention to that. Thank you!

Happy to help mate i’m a gamer and do it for a hobby and it isn’t the first time i’ve had a controller not want to charge so I thought i’d suggest it as well as the cables

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Talking about PS4, UPDATE IT!! as we know this is a step where many ps4’s get stuck…