Consoles for sale

If anyone is interested, I have 8 broken consoles for sale. Would like to get them sold in a bulk sale if possible.

1ps4 pro
3ps4 slims
2ps4 1st gen
2 Xbox one s

How much for the PS4 pro?

How much for the xbox one s? What’s wrong with them?

I have a one x for sale 240. It freezes when playing games and crashes. After hard reset it won’t turn on but once it’s cool it works like normal. And usb In front doesn’t work.

Thanks for the offer, I’ll consider it.

Sweet or I’ll also consider offers

it could be worth 400 new, would you do 150-200$.

Xbox one x’s are 200 each. The HDD connector for the hard drive is faulty.

How much for one ps4 original or slim, and what is wrong with them?

the originals are 100 each
the slims are 150 each
some are the BLD and a few are the WLD.

Are the WLD systems originals or slims? Also, do you have the model numbers for them?

the 2 originals are WLD and one of the slims are WLD. I’m not to sure the serial numbers.