Controller problem

hi guys,
my dualshok 4 not charging, and here is what it happens when i try to:

  • yellow light starts to blink.
  • i can use it through usb cable only.
  • it doesn’t charge.
  • once i unplug the cable, the controller goes off.
    what i tried:
  • changed cable.
  • reset the controller.
  • changed battery, and the new one didn’t charge also.
  • tried it on other ps4.
    another problem maybe it helps to diagnose the problem “the speaker doesn’t work too”.
    so what you think :thinking: plz help :pray:
    greetings from Algeria :algeria: :blush:

Hello There.
I think the problem is with the charger chip on the motherboard. if you installed new batteries and it still didn’t charge, then i think it would be from the charger chip which is located on the upper side of the motherboard. To fix it( which is annoying but you can practice soldering) you need to replace the chip.
Or buy a controller if its hard for you.

Thank you, I’ll try it and I’ll share the result later (i hope it works)