Corner of Apu chip chipped


I have a quick question. My tweezer accidentally hit one of the corners of the APU chip and chipped it ( bottom left corner ). The switch still appears to be working. Is there anything to worry about ?

Thank you


Think it’s a bit of a coin flip, I had one months ago where the previous tech/owner had chipped up every edge and corner of the SoC die and also the WIFI/BT IC to my surprise after resolving the other unrelated faults the console worked flawlessly, at the same time though I’ve also had cases where where even the smallest of nicks, chips or cracks renders the whole thing dead or dying.

I think if after several days of extended testing it all still works then I reckon if will probably be fine for the foreseeable :+1:

I see I see. Is it a all or nothing kind of deal ( working or dead) ? Or does it affect performance if the APU die has damage?

Yeah usually it will be an alive or dead situation… though I have had a few occasions where it’s not instant (not talking about specifically Switch SoC here mind) but they’re few and far between. I think most of the time there is some margin in the center die package before it gets into the guts of the transistor networks (or whatever is embedded)

You may have seen similar, from time to time you may see a fuel gauge or MAX CPU/GPU buck regulator, and they sometimes have a chip in a corner or possibly round the edge, sometimes it renders them useless, sometimes it causes internal shorts due to internal cracking and sometimes they work just fine and the damage is minimal and purely cosmetic with no ill affects on it’s functionality, this would be the same :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation. The chipped area is less than 1mm of the corner of the die. I am testing it in game right now ( kind of stress test ). Hope it is all right