Could I use a replacement screen still?

I have destroyed my original screen and I ripped it out. The switch still works in the dock I don’t know if I could use a replacement screen because one of the pins has broken off but still has a part of it on still

It is pin 27

Well, you may need to replace the connector as well I guess, depending on whether what’s left of the pin is able to make a connection. Assuming I am looking at the right pin, it does look like it connects somewhere through a via.

Thank you I didn’t really know if it would connect at all I’ll probably get a new screen and try it. I can’t solder because I’m 14 so I can’t really replace the connector . Thanks for your help. I know it may not work but ill get a screen

It really depends on the damage to the connector, if you can get a picture showing it, it may help know if it has any hope of working.

I can’t show photos as the website isn’t letting me

It will let you after a few posts, but if not you can upload them somewhere else and post a link (with extra spaces in it, so it lets you).

h ttp s: //photos. /LfeVMtJ73LnkKoWZ9

The only thing different is the spaces

If you lift the clip and look into the connector where the ribbon goes, how does it look? Can you see that pin blocking the space? If there anything left of that pin at all?