CUH-1001a Error CE-35888-2 But kinda weird

So I as the title says I have a ps4 with the error code of CE-35888-2 which is usually caused by a disk drive replacement and not matching the og sister board with the new disk drive. I got this ps4 and the warranty labels were still intact. I turned it on and everything functions normally, except for the disk drive. It recognizes games but won’t play them due to the above error code. It also will not update to 7.02 because of this error code. And yes I have read tronics’ article on this, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to this circumstance.

Is it possible that the seller could have fudged the warranty stickers? They simply said that this console wouldn’t update. If they did unsuccessfully install the disk drive I may be a little boned here. Any ideas here?

Mate you can get warranty stickers like the factory ps4 ones on ebay they could have just got them it’s a quick and easy way to try and fool sony but the hardware never lies

Dagum that’s a hard rip for me then. If they did replace the disk drive without putting on the original sister drive I am screwed. Well thanks for a new phobia of fake warranty stickers lol.

Also I have done further testing and it seems not to be a disk drive issue. I think something weird is going on with the on board memory. Anytime I try to do any kind of restoration through safe mode it just gives me a different error code. I have tried several different update files and system restores but they don’t work because it gets interrupted by an error code. I have tried switching out hard drives and it does the same thing. Any suggestions?

Sorry about that mate I find the thought of them scary too

Hi,I m Indika from Denmark,I have same problem,any body know any solution?
Appreciate help