CUH-1001A with button battery corrosion

I purchase a CUH-1001a PS4 from eBay. I disassembled it and found that the button battery had exploded and started corroding the motherboard and metal shields.

I was wondering what the best way to clean the corrosion off the PCB and metal would be.

Louis Rossman says the only good way is with a $1000.00 ultra-sonic cleaner.

I can’t afford that. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions?


Other than a $1000 ultra sonic cleaner a toothbrush and some IPA is probably about as good as you can do.

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Thanks for the reply.

My search of the internet was coming up with all sorts of crazy concoctions to use.

I was hoping alcohol would do it.

Thanks again.



There are probably lots of stuff that you can use but you usually can’t go wrong with IPA

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