CUH-1115A PS4 CE-40841-7 Unable to find error code?

Looks like there are just other forums where they weren’t able to solve their problem. It would have me install the game. Then there was an error starting the game. Deleted and uninstalled. Reinstalled same thing. Any ideas?

What’s happening mate what’s the ps4 doing?

its just not starting the game after it installed.

happens with any game. and says its corrupted somehow

Hey there,
a quick net search said that this is often happening if the game you are trying to play needs a higher firmware version. Are all updates installed?

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It’s possible of an obscure fault with the hard drive i’m getting CE-36244-9 The data is corrupted cannot download saying mine requires a new hdd if you try installing a game and get that it means you have the obscure fault it’s rare I believe but it happens it puzzled me for a while some problems are very hard to fix especially with the playstations running linux it makes it that much harder for the os to fail as it’ll install it all over the shop if it has to the ps4 and ps3’s os’s aren’t limited like windows is which gives it that advantage if the boot sector goes you can just redo it somewhere else sorry about the lecture I get carried away sometimes but hopefully that knowledge of the system helps

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