CUH 1215a Unrecognized Disc error DVD drive is confirmed good

Hello I have a PS4 I am working to repair .It is a CUH 1215A The Disc player has power takes and ejects disc fine . When inserting a disc it takes disc fine then starts as if its going to work but then cycles in speeding up slowing down . After a couple of cycles gives an UNRECOGNIZED DISC error message . I do have another 1215a which I used to verify the dvd player ribbons and game discs are good they work no problem in my good machine.

Have not seen You TUBE video or any troubleshooting guide to continue further diagnosing . Please help

Thanks Ron

Sounds like a faulty laser

Something similar happened to me, the ribbon cable was not long enough and it was restricting the laser movement …

Just to clarify it is NOT the Laser or DVD drives and why I say this is :slightly_smiling_face:

I have 2 PS4 1215A
One works perfect the second does not

The 1st one that works perfect I have tested out all 3 dvd drives with their ribbon cables attached to each DVD so the whole dvd units COMPLETE ALL 3 work perfect in machine #1 the working PS4.

If I put each of the 3 working DVD Players COMPLETE ribbons and all just as they WERE IN PS4 #1 in machine #2 I get Unrecognized disc error message in machine #2 the PS4 that is the problem.

If I take out the same 3 dvd not working in PS4 #2 The problem machine and RETEST them complete ribbions and all in machine #1 the working PS4 they all work fine once again.

Remember that the 1215a DOESN NOT HAVE a matching daughter board on the dvd drive so that thats not it either . I have seen many post about this on Utube etc etc with people saying the same thing I am and asking for help to videos saying how to fix this Example replacing laser or dvd drives in the comment section of the videos but the author nor the other people commenting ever come up with a solution or ideas . The usually just go unanswered . but an answer exists I just havent found it …yet . I am looking for a diagnose plan , some trouble shooting ideas to go beyond the DVD or laser or ribbions since all 3 work in the working machine and ALL 3 give the same error message when put into the problem PS4 #2

I might just repost this since It may have not been clear based on the responses so far

STEVE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEE . or somebody please heh heh

take a look at the ribbon cable connector on the motherboard… probably something is wrong with it…