CUH-1215B MOSFET...or looks like one

Looking for a bit of help identifying the correct replacement part. I’ve checked several parts supplier’s and the corresponding part numbers never quite match exactly.
The following is how it’s marked:
CHN V528
This part is from the power supply and is shorted. A power rectifier?
They usually have “STPS20L60G” OR …60CTL etc., but never the exact number as marked.
Can anyone identify the correct part number I should use…or know an equivalent part that would work. Any of the ones I’ve found are only a few bucks, which is not a problem for me.
Any help appreciated.

Well since you haven’t gotten any other responses I will give you my opinion. I have bought IC chips that did not completly align with the part number, but they still worked. Such as the original mn864729 545p06r compared to the new mn864729 7212060m.

(imagine all those letters were capitalized. I was lazy haha.)

Hello friend I recently disassembled 2 PS4 model 1200, in one of the power sources is the part you mention, but in the other source there is another model in its place, they were never opened, so they are original. This is the model: LT5K23 below is written “C2060CTFW” just be guided by the first code, I also looked for the one you mention but without success. I’ll look for this to see if I’m lucky. I hope you get it too, good luck friend. if you want something question this is my email: