CUH-2016A with disc drive not working

Hi, i really need help to find the source of this problem…
I’m working on a CUH-2016A ps4 slim with SAD-003 motherboard that i recently pick up.
The disc drive is not working, won’t accept discs, no spin, no laser, nothing and with that comes no update (currently on 7.02): i tried to update in the option menu and in safemode with internet and usb but everytime gives me error SU-30676-2.
Already tried all the other option in safemode without succes…
I think i checked all the fuses on the motherboard, and all of them beeps with the multimeter.
I think i’m missing something to look at, but i don’t know where to search on this mobo…
Can someone please help me?

There’s an update check it’s called reinstall it’s should be 1 gigabytes Data

Are you referring to the 7.51 update?
Already tried, error SU-30676-2 with every option to install it avaliable.