CUH-7115B hit by lightning

We recently had a lightning strike which took out many of my electronics (75" LED TV, Apple TV 4K, and my PS4 Pro). The PS4 powers on but NO SIGNAL on the screen. Since it was hooked to a different TV, I thought maybe the resolution was an issue and I tried to put it into Safe Mode with no success. Upon opening the PS4 and exposing the mother board, I immediately noticed black burn marks on the board by the Ethernet port. It would seem that the surge came through the Ethernet port. At a minimum, I will have to replace the Ethernet IC chip (GST5009), but on the other side of the board, there is a destroyed resistor (or fuse) of some sort. Does anyone know what this component is? I will try and add a picture to this post. Any help is greatly appreciated.

How can I add photos to this post?