Cybertron CLX Osiris 17

I recently came across an Osiris 17 laptop that seems to have amazing specs! The only problem is, the case is in horrible condition (and honestly not even sure if it turns on at the moment). So I am hoping to find a whole chassis for this thing, possibly one that was water damaged or something, as I don’t give a hoot about the components in the replacement.

There’s a few problems… First off, the seller (CybertronPC) no longer has this item in stock, and does not keep replacement parts in stock. The sent me off to supposedly who they got the custom cases from (GoldStar Computers), but there doesn’t seem to be anyone monitoring email/phone sadly.

Ebay doesn’t have anything when I search the “Osiris 17” keyword. I found a model number NH77DDW, which got me a little more information, but still very difficult to find anything on this laptop. I know now the base is a Clevo laptop by Sager. But even then, searching any of that info brings up very little to no results.

Anyone able to help find parts for this thing? At the very least I would like to get the top casing (or lid) replaced.