D40PLenovo ThinkCentre e63z 10D4 in reboot cycle

Hi everyone,

I was given a Lenovo All-On-One ThinkCentre E63Z 10D4. I was told it won’t switch on, so I bought the required replacement charger adapter. It finally turned on, the screen said Lenovo then it reboots and so on and so on. I tried changing the: harddrive, ram, cmos battery, and cleaned all the dust that was visible. Absolutely nothing, just the same reboot issue. The keyboards light stays on, if the ram is removed the motherboard does give a POST warning. I have also tried the maintenance mode jumper to try gain access to the bios to no avail.

I am the only pc shop in about 100KM here and am at a loss at what else to try. My only option now is to replace the motherboard it seems.

Is there anything else I can test? I don’t understand why it would post, and show the logo if the motherboard is faulty.