DDR5 RAM in a new build

Ok so I planned and built my rig. I just got it finished 3 weeks ago. As always with a new build I enabled XMP in the bios but that’s all I did. The rig doesn’t need overclocked as I’m running an Intel core i9 13900k cpu so I’ve left the rest stock. The thing I’ve noticed is the timings, even with 128GB 4800mhz installed and XMP enabled, it still takes (from when the power button is pressed) 9 seconds on a black screen before the motherboard logo appears. Then another 45 to 50 seconds for windows to load to the logon screen.
Considering the hardware it should be pretty much instant. Of all the machines I’ve built this one has me stumped as to what’s slowing it down?
The boot drive is a Samsung Evo 980 SSD, ok I know it’s not a major time delay but it shouldn’t be taking as long as it does.
The only thing I can narrow the lag down to is the ram but I have it on the best available XMP profile. I know DDR5 isn’t quite “there” yet compared to its predecessor DDR4 but it should surely be loading far quicker than this? Anyone any ideas?