Dead Capacitor near M92T36

I got a dead capacitor near M92T36. I found a picture that describes components’ values near the IC in the post ‘[INFO] Board diagram and part numbers’.

However, I found out that the components’ layout was slightly different than mine also values.

Can someone please measure the capacitor’s value in the red circle?
FYI, my board is HAC-CPU-01

Thank you in advance.

From my measuring the cap should have 0.01µF.

Here should be a same layout M92t area, which also states 10nf/0.01uf cap there

I’ve applied 10nf but My Switch doesn’t turn on.
I measured the resistor under the capacitor(red circle) and it has 220k ohm which is different from the post you linked.

Does your board have the same layout?

My board is an HAC-CPU-10 and at the resistor I could measured 220k ohm.

This should be the lines to the mosfets which enable charging power to the bq. Does the Switch power on with a charged battery?

I borrowed a Switch from my friend and connected the battery.
I cannot confirm whether the screen is on (because the switch became unable to turn on while I repair the backlight FPC with a ripped-off soldering pad) or off.
however, my USB tester shows no changes with the battery and power button push.
I assumed the cause is the capacitor because it was felt off. Now I concern the capacitor is just one of the results of unknown causes.