Dead SD-card reader rest works fine

First post here and i hope to find help to solve a problem with my Switch v1.
Got the Switch 2nd hand and it won´t read and recognize any sd-cards. i switched the sd-card board but that didnt help. besides the sd-card issue the console boots,works and behaves normal. charging was around 1A (battery was 80% full). so i did some digging and ended up here in a year old thread that wasnt marked solved:

so i opened up that thing and started measuring around the SD connector and got no 3.3v there.
this is what i measured in diode mode at the SD connector:

then i measured around the MAX77620A and i got 4.17V at the input side (i think it is the input)
here is what i did measure:
orange is voltage drop, blue voltage DC

one thing seems odd to me: the oL where voltage drop should be around 1600 and the fact that all measurements are off.

i tried to reflow the MAX77620A but that didnt help fixing the issue.

maybe someone had the same issue and fixed that or someone has an idea where to look…

greets and thanks

Hi, have you can repair your??
about a few months I having beem trouble with my SD card reader to, the Nintendo works fine without the SD Card in stock mode, but I dont be able to run Hekate or Atmosphere. in my researches I found a lot of peoples with same problem and no solutions…

in my case, if I let the Nintendo powered OFF for a couple days, its go back to life and SD card works fine, but if a reboot the system, the SD card stop to work… its very weird, and I started think that the MAX77620A its the problem…

Its just it for now… if I discovery something usefull I comeback…