Defective Component above the Tegra

I have a Switch Lite which had a BlueScreen. By pressing the tegra i was able to boot it so i gave it a reflow which worked realy well. Unfortunately now it doesn’t Boot at all. Today i had a look on the board with the microscope and found this:

I’m not sure if this is defective but it looks like something is missing on that. Can anyone tell me what it is and what it does. Normal Switches also have this component.

Looks like a crystal oscillator. I dont know the value for it unfortunately.

Thank you. I also was thinking that it looks like a oscillator. Do you have a idea for what it is? So whick Component needs it?

The markings on mine are: T384… not sure how to read that.

Thank you! Maybe it is this one. What Do you think? https :// com/Site/Global/Layouts/DownloadPdf.ashx%3FpdfUrl%3DD6462079BE2D4B0AAEA17BE8A37DE76B&ved=2ahUKEwjDpaXg2J31AhWEQvEDHVHHAvAQFnoECBcQAQ&usg=AOvVaw2t6OoNZJBdgJhs2Ez6JJBv

But you can buy this with different frequencies :confused:

Hi, i have 2 Switch Lite sitting on my desk, 2 have different components in this location, best picture i could take :

The first have a letter that i don’t understand in the reference, but it is pretty clear at least. The second, the picture is a bit more difficult to read, but the reference is “T384 Py5j” Hope you will find what you are looking for

That second one is the same one I have on my switches. That PDF does appear to be what we are looking at, it is the correct size of 2.0 by 1.6.

This oscillator is wired directly to the SoC.

I am going to guess it is 38.4Mhz, given that the one on the joycon is labeled T271, and I was happily able to replace with a 27.1mhz.


Makes sense to me as well

Thank you, this Sound good! I will try to get a new one or maybe get one from a Donator. If its connected to the soc this could realy cause a no Boot i guess.

hello sorry for reviving this old thread, did you ever get around to replacing it and if so could you confirm if the 38.4mhz speed is correct. Thanks!