Defective game card reader

Hi guys, I recently bought a Nintendo Switch with a defective game card reader.
The problem is that it cannot recognize, sometimes an error message occurs.

I looked on the game card reader under my microscope and compared it with a working Nintendo Switch that I got in stock, and found out that 2 components are missing.

So my question is:
Does anyone in the community know where I can get my hands on these missing components?

The readers got different colors, but all components are located in the same place.
The one that doesn’t work is the dark green version and I think that 2 components are missing (Please take a look at the picture), but I’m not sure if that is the reason why it doesn’t work as it supposed.

Thanks in advance!

At one of my working game card readers the same components are missing. At an other working one on the left position is a diode with a marking “7” on top and on the right postion it seems to be a cap.

Hmm, thats strange if yours is working without them, maybe its another issue causing the problem…

i should probably order a new reader for about 7 dollar and test to replace it, what do you think?

7 Dollars are not much in compare to the time and effort of fault finding. If the fault is caused by the game card reader.

Thats 100% true micro soldering isn’t the hard part (my opinion) the troubleshooting is, as i have mention here before, im a iphone repair guy and there is much more information and schematics every part could be identified with a software and which other componets its linked to.

And i think its very strange that no schematics have been leaked from Nintendo, it’s almost 5 years since the Nintendo Switch was released and no leaked schematics (what i know).