Desoldering analog sticks help

First time desoldering and having issues getting the analog sticks off the board. Tried flux, wick, and a pump. I’m aware i may have burnt the board as well but this was a junk controller I wanted to experiment with and see if I could fix.

Couldn’t attach the pics I wanted but

First pic is the side I’m trying to take off ( haven’t cleaned off flux)

Second pic is opposite side but example of what it looked liked before I started

imgur. com/a/o7RUAUn

Erase the spaces for links to pic

Use low melt solder (~130C) on the pads and then hot air (~400C) about a minute and the joystick will drop almost by itself. Then use good quality wick and the pads will be solder free. I have replaced a lot of analog joysticks with this method. After practise you can swap it in 5 minutes

Thank you so much for the advice. Could you dm links if possible as I’m not sure if what I have is good quality.