Desoldering gun suggestion

I’m looking for recommendations on a good desolder gun… Ideally something more affordable then the Hakko 250$ one. I’ve started doing some old electronics for fun with a lot more through hole… Needing to do things like replace a bunch of caps at once. Any suggestions?

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There’s two (or maybe trhee?) budget rework stations that you can obtain from ebay or alibaba for around 60 or 70€ (or USD). For exmaple, on ebay look for “862D rework station”. The manufacturer printed on those stations varies, but they usually ain’t too bad. I’ve done many many electronics repais with those simple cheap stations.
There’s also stations for around 30 or 40€, but people I know who bought those were not as happy and the stations didn’t last too long.
Ofcourse, they ain’t as good as the hakko, JBC or Weller hot air rework station. But, still, they do the job.

Yeah I’ve got a hot air station. I was looking for a vacuum desoldering gun

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Oh, I’m sorry, seems like I didn’t read properly. Sorry.
I don’t know of any vacuum desoldering gun that is significantly cheaper than that and works properly. There’s those 100€ (or USD) desolder guns you can get everywhere on ebay, but I have no idea if they actually properly work…

I recently picked up a ZD-915 for $130 and so far it works great. There’s a lot of reviews of this particular tool on YouTube and I recommend watching a couple to get an idea of the good and the bad. I only used a heated/unheated manual sucker before so I don’t have a lot to compare it too. Seems to be the best one for the price.

If your budget is $250 - $300, I think the Hakko ones might be better. I’m hoping to get at least 2 years out of mine.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


You can get a Hakko 470d for around $150 (USD) on eBay or cheaper if you don’t mind rebuilding it. I use an old one at work and had to replace the heat element in the iron a couple of times (the person who used it before me wasn’t good to it) but its easy and if you don’t mind cleaning the spring and running a tool through it pretty often (depends on how much you use it) it will pull solder out of through hole really easily. I prefer hot air and wick for SMD but I have used it (carefully) on larger components and the smallest nozzle if someone has really caked it on there.