Destiny themed original PS4 eating through HDDs

We bought it day one and didn’t have issues for years, but now my PS4 has eaten through three HDDs, two just in the last 6 months, so the issues are actively getting worse.

A new HDD works great for a couple months, and then loops into the same cycle where any minor power outage, freezing up trying to shut down or go into rest mode and having to be unplugged, any kind of power issue whatsoever almost always necessitates a full initialization and reinstall of system software, with none of the other safe mode options doing any good, nor reseating the drive or cleaning contacts. No visible damages to either so far as I can see.

Something else is going on here. There’s some kind of hardware failure frying these HDDs out, and I’m not sure where to start since my experience is with fixing PCs, and I’ve never seen this in 15 years of doing so.

My best guess is the power supply is spiking whenever anything happens with power, so that’s what I’m thinking about trying to replace first, but I wanted to get some input if anyone else has experienced this and found a fix, because I can’t find anyone talking about it online. Any thoughts?