Did I hella mess this up?


did i hella screw up?? so i was tracking down a short around f7003 and at one point put the board on a power supply for 12v but wouldnt pull any amps, 5v rail was present but not the 3.3v. while on the power supply a cord i moved cranked the dial up accidentally reaching 25 volts. i quickly turned it down and shut it down but the deed was done. after this, i found shorts all over the board along the 5v rail, 3.3v rail and all the caps behind the apu are shorted. did i destroy the apu? or possibly overloaded the mosfets on the 12v rail? 5v rail is gone now as well. how can i troubleshoot this? where should i start testing and what values should i keep an eye out for?

I would take off or lift the big coil before the apu mosfet and check on which side the short is.

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